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"Mungu Yuko" Ntakufinyaa Duo Set To Obtain Millions As They Are Hired By Flour Milling Company.

As the saying goes that God's timing is usually the best. This came a reality to two men thanks to the power of social media. The now famous phrase of "ntakufinyaa" was a unknown breakthrough which came unexpectedly.

Identified as Joram and Musyoka, they had an argument on a live K24 television concerning their view on illegal electric power connection back in 2011. As the man was busy talking, Joram came along and started telling him to stop talking on electricity and tell the Government to give him a job Instead. The finality statement is (ntakufinyaa) which means to press while fighting.

The duo have landed a major job by a flour milling company which hired them to advertise their product in the coming weeks. This deal will leave them rich. The new company named Jahazi aims to attract customers using the two men. Truly, God's time is the best and we should never give up. Be sure to follow me for such interesting articles too. Also share with friends and family. Thanks for your time readers.🙏🙏

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Joram K24 Mungu Yuko Musyoka Ntakufinyaa


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