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Construct A Good Chicken House By Considering This Factors

By Fredrick Ameka

Chicken farming in Kenya is growing gradually. Both small and large farmers engaging into this agribusiness. Farmers keep chicken both broilers and layers targeting markets for chicken meat and eggs respectively. Before investing in this type of farming, their are factors you should consider for the chicken house construction as a farmer.

Erick Phanuel is a chicken farmer in Luanda Constituency, Vihiga County. He ventured into this farming activity two years ago counting plenty of profits. Advising other farmers about contracting chicken house he said, "A farmer should consider important factors in building a poultry house. Some of the farmers might apply their own basic knowledge without knowing that they could be making mistakes and that can cause loses in future. Depending on what you want to keep be it Kienyeji chicken, broilers or even layers, you should make it be a comfortable environment , very secure from predators, harsh weather conditions and even diseases. The size of the Chicken house will be determined by the number of birds the farmer would want to keep."

He explained further, "Its recommended for two square feet of floor per bird and one nest box of one square foot per three birds. A farmer can easily calculate the size of the house from this. Other farmers might be having this knowledge that, the width of the house should not exceed 9 meters when only natural ventilation is used. I confirm this to be true to avoid avoid suffocation. But all this will also be determined by the number of chicken to be kept and even the size of the land where contraction will be done. Another factor is the floor of the house. Its usually advised to have a concrete floor because its easy to clean. If you might be planning to have a sand floor make sure you place a wire netting under and around the floor to keep predators away from the birds. Also ensure that the structure is at least 2meters tall for easy access and better air circulation".

Erick also advices farmers to consider soil drainage at the place of construction. The foundation of a Chicken house in a well drained land should be concrete extending 1 to 1.5 feet underground and same measurements above the ground. This will keep the structure strong.

Content created and supplied by: @fredrickameka (via Opera News )

Erick Phanuel Fredrick Ameka Kenya Kienyeji Vihiga County


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