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Whether To Join Or Not To Join Network Marketing


"Its a scam," that what many will tell you once they hear the phrase, network marketing. Well that may be true; some of the so deemed to be network marketing businesses are merely ponzi schemes. The difference is that in network marketing there is a reasonable product involved which is not the case with the latter.

A bit of sad news is that even with legit companies, the rate of success is quite low. from statistical data, only about 10% become a success. Nevertheless I feel that the benefit of network marketing overshadow that fact. Lets look at them below. At the end i will give you a few tips to get you started and make network marketing a success.

1.Self development.

Personally this is a big one. You get good training program of how to market your business and grow your network. You also get to grow to become a person who helps others achieve their potential- a very distinctive feature of network marketing.

2.Work remotely.

Who would not want to work at a bedside while sipping a cup of coffee. Since you only need a laptop/smartphone, you can typically work from anywhere. This is a plus especially at a time like this the world is faced with corona virus pandemic.

3.Everyone has an equal chance.

You can join network marketing regardless of your age, race, gender or even whether you have a degree or not. In fact it is recommended for stay at home mums and students.

4.You get a chance to make passive income.

Residual income is the kind of income you get without the need to work. Once you have build your network you will get commissions from the product they sell and the people they recruit. Imagine waking up to a bigger account balance.


You have the flexibility to choose when to work and how to actually do it. You also choose where to work from.


You are in control of your business. Once you realize a certain technique is not working you can change it to something else. no one can fire you like in the case of a job. your effort determine your income.

Tips to help you get started

1.Do a self examination and see whether this kind of business is for you. You need to be patient since it takes a while before you realize profits. Ensure you have a mindset of helping others since their success is your success too. once you complete the process you may realize it does not fit you.

2.Research whether the company you want to join is legit. Check if it is registered as a company and if it is compliant with the rules.

3.Know who are behind the company and what kind of people they are. A good ship with a poor captain will always fail.

4.Attend the company's training program and acquaint yourself with their mode of operation.

5.Be optimistic but be prepared to fail.

what has been your experience with network marketing? would wish to give it a try?

write your feedback in the comment section below

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