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Business Management analysis

Four business you can do to increase your revenue

So many young entrepreneurs wonder how they can increase their revenue through business without much struggle. Here are four main businesses you can set up and never regret in terms of profit.

Steel hardware store

 It is a type of hardware dealing with steel both for welding and for bars in a construction site. Steel demand has hiked up due to the upcoming real estate firms engaging in the building and construction of houses. The government also has come up with a project of affordable housing and all this will require steel, for setting up this hardware you need a capital of between kes. 100,000- Kes. 1 Million, however as a starter you can start humbly as you watch your business grow into a multi empire investment.


Car wash business

In recent years so many people have purchased cars, the reason behind this increase in purchase has been credited to online taxis services such as uber and bolt. This vehicle requires services like body wash, engine wash, upholstery which can be offered in a car wash. A capital of kes. 100,000 is required to start up and this kind of business can generate an income of kes. 3,000 per day.


Spare parts mart

Every individual owning a machine will be in dire need of spare parts at one point. The business has a ready established market thus becoming one of the most suitable investments to increase your revenue. A strategic point such as a garage or near a stage is required for better performance of the business. The business also does well on an online platform and when selling genuine spares. The secret behind earning more on this business is to import spares at a cheaper price and sell them at a profit.


Agrovet shop 

This business deals with drugs and vaccines for animal health. The business is a deal binder especially if set up in rural areas where agricultural and livestock activities are common. The business requires a capital of kes. 150,000 to set up.

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