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Dairy farming is remunerative, start the business with 50,000 only.

The cost of constructing almost any structure currently in Kenya is expensive and many would opt for favorable options. Every individual would want cheap ways on how to construct any building and here are some tips to guide you construct a zero grazing unit at fair price.

Use locally available materials.

In order to spend less on building you should avoid buying all the materials needed for construction as some can be found locally. Materials e.g timber can be sourced from trees around you and others like ironsheets can be reused because of their durability. This also applys to building equipments which most of them need to be bought. However, some building materials e.g spades are readily available and can be borrowed or hired.

Simplify your structure's design.

This is as easy as it sounds. The best way to build a zero grazing unit is to make it simple. One of the options is building the resting cubes opposite to the feeding and water troughs leaving a medium space in the middle for maximum sunlight penetration. Simplifying your structure would also help you spend less building materials and labour thus lowering cost of construction

Do some of the work.

When building you should not necessarily engage professionals to do all the work as you can practice some of it too. Easy work such erecting of posts and painting of ironsheets to avoid rusting are some of the things you can fancy doing. By doing this you would have spent less compared to hiring professionals.

Keep the herd you already own.

With the prices of milk gradually increasing the prices of dairy cattle have also skyrocket. This means you will spend much money on buying animals which shouldn't be the case if you already got cattle. Many people desiring to own a zero grazing unit must have animals they are looking after maybe through paddocks or other methods of cattle rearing. You shouldn't pressure yourself to have other heads, it's better maximising the productivity of the ones you already own.

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