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Total Kenya Recalls This Batch Of LPG Gas Hose Pipes

Have you ever had that big companies like Honda in the automotive industry make ''recalls?'' Well imagine a company that produces the LPG Gas hose pipes has made a recall. Without a doubt the dispatched batch numbers sip into the market and end up in the consumer's households. All because of negligence.

Recently, Total Kenya made a recall of Low Pressure LPG Hose Pipes on 12/06/2020 less than a year ago. This is after receiving feedback from their esteemed customers and LPG hose pipe supplier. The supplier noted that some of the hose pipes were failing ''The Aging Test.''

If you recently purchased an LPG gas hose pipe, check out the recalled batch number here and confirm that you're safe.

The KEBS provide guidelines on the specifications for such products. In this case, the guidelines are clear about LPG gas hose pipes and mountable burners. As well as the grills. But that doesn't mean that manufacturers don't follow these guidelines. In such cases where a few samples in a dispatched batch may fall short of standards.

Hence it becomes the company's responsibility to recall all of them.

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