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What Feul price hike really means to Kenyans.

It's not clear why fuel is cheaper in Uganda and Tanzania , yet it is imported through the same port of Mombasa. Last month as well there was a general decline in world average oil prices but fuel prices in Kenya were not reduced to reflect the same. At the border towns, Kenyans are buying fuel in Tanzania and Uganda since it's cheaper there. This is bad for business and locals who cook with kerosene as Kenya is losing out to the other countries in terms of cross border trade.

Kenyans face harsh economic times as the cost of living is expected to rise. All these Costs are passed to the already impoverished citizen , reeling under the rummages of covid-19 pandemic. The bodabodas and matatus need to cover their operation costs,pays loans and earn modest returns on their investment. Children use transport to and from school on a daily basis. Any increase in fared impacts parents negatively. The move to hike fuel prices is unjustifiable.

It is back to charcoal and wood for poor Kenyans trying to make out a living as a result of the steep increase in the price of Kerosene since gas is already out of reach for poor citizens. Kenyans are already heavily taxed. The price of commodities such as food and public transport are as well on the rise due to the recent move to increase prices at the pump. The government should seriously reconsider the decision to increase fuel prices.

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