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List Of Multi-million Properties And Businesses Owned By Jeff Koinange.

Veteran Citizen television Journalist and former CNN television news presenter Mr Jeff Koinange is not only the highest paid journalist in the republic of Kenya but also one of the most followed news presenter.Today therefore we want to show you some of the properties and businesses owned by Jeff Koinange.


Jeff Koinange is the highest paid Journalist in Kenya and actually earns more salary than the president of the republic of Kenya Mr William Samoei Ruto.The veteran journalist takes home a whooping two million Kenyan shillings which constitutes of 1.5 million Kenyan shillings from citizen television and 500,000 from Hot96.


The veteran journalist owns a Multimillion four bedroom bungalow in Kitisuru estate which is is found in the outskirts of Nairobi Metropolitan City.This house is supplied with constant water and electricity which keeps the millionaire serviced all the times of the week.


Due to the nature of his work Jeff Koinange is the proud owner of some extremely expensive suits which costs about 2.2 Million Kenyan shillings and actually made history as the most expensive suits in the country.


The Journalist amongst many of his expensive vehicles owns a G wagon vehicle which cost a whooping 12 million Kenyan shillings to purchase since it comes with feature fit of the king that he is.


The Jeff Koinange Live host has several side hustles ranging from top hotels and bars to laundry services as well as several small scale businesses and rentals which pump money into his pockets.

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