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Signs you Should not Start a Business yet

1.Money problem_Most businesses run for a a few months without any signs of profit.It is necessary for one to start a business to have enough money set aside to be able to run the business and paying your bills and expenses before the business can start generating income to run. Therefore if you do not have money you can start by getting a job first.

2.You need extra free time_ This is because having a business and especially it's start will demand most of your time.Many people prefer business because they think they will get extra free time but this is not true especially at the beginning of a business project you will find most of the your time you is needed in your business.

3.You don't have stamina_This is the ability to ensure pain and hardships.This is because owing a business is not a bed of roses as many people think.Before your business takes off and starts producing fruits it takes time as well as there are challenges you are likely to endure along the way.

4. Ignorant about the industry_ For you to get into a business you are supposed to know how the industry works and what's needed.One should not do a business just because others are doing and succeeding.

5. If you don't have ability to get desired outcome_One should know how to persuade customers and get them to buy, signing agreements with vendors and make employees be dedicated to job and produce desired results.This is what is called closing skills in sales.

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