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I'm Thinking About Bodaboda Riders, They Have A Stake In Judiciary - Wekesa Tranformative Plan As CJ

The interviews for the next Chief Justice in Kenya to succeed the retired Chief Justice David Maraga. The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) commissioners have today interviewed the ninth candidate Dr Wekesa Moni, who is a 16-year law experienced scholar.

The qualified scholar has been asked to explain how he will transform the judiciary arm of government, if he happened to be appointed as the next Chief Justice. In his response to the question, Dr Wekesa said that he is planning to bring the judiciary to the public, where he will involve all Kenyans such as the Bodaboda riders.

I'm thinking about the Bodaboda riders, they have a stake in the judiciary. I would like us to reach out to them so that they are able to feel that the judiciary is theirs." He said.

He said that he will make sure that the judiciary is people owned to make it easier to bring everyone on board, to enable the judiciary to move to the next desired level. He argued that involvement of people such as the Bodaboda riders will enable the accountability become so easy.

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