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What You Should Do In Your Backyard Chicken Farm That Will Earn You Good Money.

Poultry farming is the practice of rearing different types of poultry birds principally for meat and egg production. Commonly reared birds include hens, turkey, guinea fowls, ducks, pigeons and geese.

There are two broad categories of poultry birds; broiler and layer poultry. Broilers are the ones responsible for meat production while layers produces eggs. This article discusses poultry management practices that a small scale farmer can employ to increase quality and quantity of meat and eggs in his or her birds.

The first and very crucial step is to build a suitable pathogen and flood free poultry house. Raising the house approximately one metre helps in controlling floods while fumigating the poultry house assist in minimizing infestation of both endoparasites and ectoparasites.

Proper feeding of the birds will enable them to reach market size faster. The birds should be given correct feed proportions. Layer birds should be given calcium-rich feeds like omena while broilers should be given feeds rich in proteins. The farmer should also provide water to the chickens.

Sourcing your chicks from a reliable supplier is also advantageous because it helps in the selection of disease resistant and early maturing birds.

Fencing is also very important in your poultry farm. Fences helps keep away predators and intruding people in your farm. The predators may kill your birds thus decreasing their numbers. People can cause stress and vices to your chickens hence lowering production.

Cleaning the poultry house regularly helps in eliminating foul smell caused by accumulation of droppings from the birds. The droppings from the birds if left to accumulate can serve as a breeding ground for many bacterial and viral diseases. When birds are attacked by such diseases, the farmer is likely to face severe losses if he or she didn't took insurance cover.

When the chickens start laying, prepare brooding sites for them to hatch the eggs. The simplest way of making an egg incubator is to fill a carton box with dry grass or sand.

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