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Things You Must Understand Better Before Opening Mpesa Shop

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Mpesa is the currently most likely hustle in kenya ,its easy to start and doesn't require huge capital to start .Mpesa only require a good site with high population mostly businesses centers.

Mpesa is a virtual banking system that provide transaction through a sim card,once the sim card has been inserted into therapy of the mobile device.User can transfer money to vendor,family members and also make payments through sms.

Users with no bank account can access numerous mpesa outlets distributed across the country.The kiosk attendant is the one to transfer the amount in digital form to the users of mpesa account and also he/she is the one to store the money.

The cash collected from mpesa is deposited in the bank account held by safaricom ,the bank account serve as a regular checking account which assured up to maximum of 100000 shillings by the deposited protection funds.

Any transaction made ,mpesa provide a receipt as a proof of transaction.For any transaction to be made parties have to exchange their phone number.After settlement both parties receives an smart notification,With full name of the counter party and the amount of the money deposited or withdrawal from the user account.

The mobile receipt which is received within second, help to promote transparent for all individual involved in transaction.

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