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Lucrative Business Of Selling Chicken Body Parts That Can Earn You Huge Income

Getting ideas to start your own business is the only thing that is disturbing many kenyans. People have resorted to just opening businesses that is already flooded like selling mitumba clothes,chips and numerous electrical shops.

Recently we heard about how people are earning millions of money from rearing poultry. Deputy President William Ruto's business of rearing broilers for eggs for export surprised many people.. We had photos circulating in every blog sites and social media platforms on the massive extension of his business.[Photo Courtesy]

That business idea is very good and people have started embracing it. I guess that in the coming years that idea will be flooded and the market will be minimum. Apart from just selling the real poultry and eggs do you know that you can participate in another branch of the same business?[Photo Courtesy]

The business of selling canned, fried or just whole body parts is what people have now started doing. What you need to do is open your own shop and start slaughtering chickens. Sort different body part like the heads, wings,steaks,livers and other parts. [Photo Courtesy]

You will deep fry the body parts differently and you will sell them at a different price. However, the business is lucrative in urban area and also depend with the number of loyal customers you have. The business will pay well when start having constant and increasing customers every day.

Be sure to get enough income form this business when it grows and you can even employ other people to help you. What do you think about this business idea? Can you recommend to someone else or it is a total turn off? Share your comments down here and don't forget to like and comment.

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