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Amount You Need To Start A Milking Machine Supply Business

With the rise in dairy farming projects among farmers in Kenya and the whole Africa it means that there can be a high demand of a milking machine. The milking machine is a kind of machine that makes the work of farmers easier during milking time. Therefore instead of using your hands to milk your dairy cows you can buy a milking machine.

Sometimes it is hectic to milk dairy cows using your bear hands. For example if you have 10 dairy cattles and each of them can produce roughly 20 litres of milk then it can take you time to milk your 10 dairy cows.

When milking cows you also compete with time due to customers pressure and demand for milk at a specific time.

If you are a business man then you can buy such farm machines and supply them to areas where people have focused in dairy Farming as a major farming project. You can pocket good amount of money by just supplying such in areas like Mount Kenya among many other areas.

The cost of milk machine varies from 50,000 shillings to 80,000 shillings depending with the model of the milking machine you would like to buy.

Single milking machine ( 10 to 12 cows per hour ) cost roughly 55,000 shillings while double milking machine (20 to 24 cows per hour ) cost roughly 72,000 shillings.

To Start this business you need at least 600,000 shillings since you will need to buy them in high quantity which will enable you supply your goods in part of the country you have targeted.

To supply milking machines you will need a motorbike or rather a car where you can carry your milking machines when supplying them. The profit you can make from this business depends with the sales you make, the more sales you make the more amount you will earn.

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