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Business Management analysis

Four businesses to establish that will earn you more than 2,000 shillings daily in Kenya

Making two thousand shillings daily in Kenya is proven to make anyone financially stable and free from unnecessary debts. In an effort to counter scarcity of jobs in Kenya, thousands of people are turning into entrepreneurship by establishing small scale businesses to earn a living. Entrepreneurship is advantageous in that profits are realized on a daily basis and thus allows one to manage his or her savings plan. Some of the businesses that will earn you more than two thousand shillings daily are as highlighted below.

1. Drop shipping: it involves acting as an intermediary between the company and the consumers of its products. One earns revenue from the number of orders he or she satisfies to the customers.

2. Car wash business: it entails provision of cleaning services to all kinds of vehicles at a fee. The amount of profits received is directly proportional to the choice of the business's site. A single vehicle washing rate is about three hundred shillings and hence one can realize the profits in just ten cars. Car wash business is most profitable in urban centres around places like bars and restaurants with numerous parking.

3. Boda boda business: it involves transporting people from one location to the other using motorbikes and taxi. This business is also profitable in urban centres with high population of people which translates to profits.

4. Cyber services: it involves offering online services, photocopy and printing services to the customers. Many services are digitized world wide prompting the need for more cyber services hence providing a constant flow of customers.

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