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Do You Know The Price Of Gravels(Kokoto) Per Cubic Meter In Kenya?

In current world with our current economy every activity a person engages in must either be profitable in one way or the other. This is because before you start for example mining activity i.e gold mining, sand mining, agricultural activities you must have done a little research on how you will benefit from that activity.

Currently with many people investing in building houses among many other activities the best activity you can therefore engage which is related to this is, opening a hardware, mining sand, extracting gravels from special stones among many other related activities.

These are the currently most profitable activities some of the people who want to earn a living should engage in.

Something like extraction of gravels is not an easy task since you have to spend a lot of energy breaking stones, but you can buy a machine that can help you perform that task. This will make your work easier since you will not spend a lot energy breaking stones and all those.

This kind of quarry project you can manage to work there alone therefore you will need to have some people who can help you that work, and pay then at the end of the day.

The cost of gravels ( Kokoto) which is a construction materials varies from roughly 3,500 shillings to 5,000 shillings per cubic meters. The cost roughly fits one full pick up therefore a big lorry can roughly cost about 7,000 shillings to 8,000 shillings depending with the quality if the Kokoto you produce.

Gravels are very crucial material needed during construction of nay house and is also used in road construction. When laying a foundation of any house Kokoto is mixed with sand, cement and many other things, the mixture gives a house a stable foundation. Therefore that is the price of gravels.

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