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Plant The Following Three Vegetables And You Will Earn Money Weekly

Our country is a very high risk of being faced with the challenge of food insecurity. Surprisingly many people look at the profits and decide to go cash crops as opposed to the subsistence ones. At the same time,the farmers practising food crop farming cannot fully provide for the entire Kenyan population. We must appreciate the fact that the number of people in the country is increasing day by day.

Towns and cities are homes to many who unfortunately are not in position of growing their own food.This is because of the inadequate space in these places. Most of the times residents depend on the food from other parts of the country where farming is done.

If you have a dream of earning big through this economic activity then you have to invest in the growing of the following Vegetables and you will earn a lot of money:


Ugali is one of the most consumed meal by people in the country.It is mostly accompanied with kales as the main vegetable. The good thing with it is that it would be easy to transport.


Commonly known as Dhania, the spice is easy to grow and harvesting it is only a few weeks after planting. Almost all hotels use it in their cooking.


Honestly speaking, it is impossible to have a meal that doesn't have onions in it. If you visit the markets and shops in your neighborhood you must find onions. Maintaining them in the farm is easy.

Please embark in the profitable ventures above and you will not regret at all.

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Dhania Ugali


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