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Why you should think twice before joining the taxi business in Kenya.

When most people hear of the taxi business in Kenya, all they think about is the profits. This is because this business is known to be very profitable as customers are readily available. In case you were planning to venture into the taxi business, then you have to think twice. Below are some reasons why.

1. It is not as profitable as it used to be.

Even though there are very many people who prefer to use taxis in Kenya, this business is not very profitable unless you are driving your own electric car. This is because the rates that are being charged by most taxi hailing apps are very low and most drivers tend to make a profit of ksh1000 per day. Since most taxi companies are looking for customers, they tend to give incentives and compete in terms of lower prices to customers. This therefore means that most drivers are paid very little while they have much to cater for.

2. Taxi hailing apps are unpredictable.

The major reason why taxis have become popular in Kenya is because of the various apps that make it easy for one to request for a ride. Since most of these apps aim at customer satisfaction, they rarely consult the drivers when it comes to the rates. This therefor means that the taxi companies can lower or increase the charges at any point without the need of informing the drivers.

3. It is not safe.

Before you decide to venture into a business, you first have to consider your security. When it comes to security purposes, most taxi companies only do background checks for their drivers and not their passengers. This therefore means that if a passenger were to steal the car from a taxi driver, then there is no way that they can be traced. Currently, the cases of carjacking in Kenya are on the rise and this means that all drivers have to be alert.

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