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The best method on how to cover any of your seedbed.

Farmers frequently make seedbeds in their daily life. A farmer may make a tree, sukuma wiki or tomato seedbed depending with the crop he want to plant. In the process of making seedbed farmers face many challenges like their seedlings being attacked by small animals like rats and insects such as crickets.

These small animals cut the stem of seedlings leaving the young plants leafless. Since most seedbeds are made on the open field where the seedlings can access direct sunlight and rain water, most farmers therefore have faced many challenges like their seedlings being attacked by field animals and insects.

Sometimes you will spray your seedlings with chemicals that can prevent field animals and insects from invading your seedbed but after sometimes maybe after it have rained heavily you will find your seedlings missing stems. Some are cut from the ground level while some missing leaves.

Here is a solution that can help you minimise the effects of insects and field animals on your seedlings. You can use a used net which do not have any hole and use it to cover your seedbed after you have prepared it and planted your seeds. Ensure that you make a seedbed that your old net can cover well so that field animals and insects have no space where they can go through.

There is no reason of throwing away old net if it can be still used to satisfy some of your wants.

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