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Businesses that are most likely to boom in Kenya

Last year, when l were with my friend at a popular restaurant in Migori, I learnt something that thought me how to be a millionaire after some years.

His a friend we had schooled together in a local secondary school and I knew him as someone who will not go far as education is concerned. When we met in Migori town at he was driving a brand new Range Rover; I knew my friend as someone who had zero ideas about making money, but how he found himself swimming in dollars is what surprises me.

It forced me to asked him whether he has entered into illuminati or he has borrowed the Range Rover. He confirmed to me that it belongs to him and he has worked hard. That’s when I realized that making a million plus and education has zero correlation. My friend narrated how scoring a D in high school was a blessing to him. He didn’t bother to continue with studies but went straight to Nairobi to his cousin and started supplying clean water to various people in Nairobi estates. One year into the business he had a probox to do the work, initially he had a hired motorcycle. As l speak now he owns 5 lorries which supply water in Nairobi and is planning to expand the business in other towns.

I later realized that in life you can go far if you decide to do what can make you rich. There are various business that you can start and make you millions of money.

Starting chicken rearing

This is business you can start with as little as Ksh1000 in Kenya and grow with time. If you have Ksh50000 as capital, you are assured of saving at least Ksh1million by the end of your third year in business.

The best thing with chicken rearing is that the chances of making losses are almost zero; you can only make losses if a chronic disease attacks your chicken.

Starting electronic shop

Electronics shop in towns like Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa are very profitable. What you need to know is to identify the taste of customers and then make available the gadgets they prefer.

It is not a must to start an electronic shop with millions, even Ksh100, 000 is enough.

One thing I can assure you is that the moment customers put trust in you, that is it.

Starting Motorcycle spare part business/bodaboda spare part business

Who thought that this business could exist in 21st century? I am proud to know some millionaire business men that sell bodaboda spare parts who are really making good money.

Last week I was in Migori to do my usual research, I used to think that Nairobi is the only town where business is the only route to success, but I was embarrassed to see a long queue outside a small kiosk where motorcycle spare parts are sold. At first I thought there is a mheshimiwa who was distributing campaigoney until I got close to realize that a 27-aged man was making millions.

Whichever town you operate this business you will always make good profit.

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