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The Best Small Businesses you Can Start with eLss than 5000 Shillings

There are many small businesses you can start with very low capital. Some of these businesses you won't even need to rent a space since you can operate from your home, at an open market place or you can operate from door to door. These kind of business are good because anyone can afford to start them. When you dedicate your time and effort to some of these businesses, you might end up expanding them and making them more profitable. They will help you pay your bills and save the rest. Below are some of these businesses.

1. Mtumba/ selling of second hand clothes.

2. Selling eggs and smokies.

3. Baking cakes from your home and selling them.

4. Offering delivery service. You can purchase a second hand bicycle.

5. Art and craft desighn for those who are talented.

6. You can sell groceries for example vegetables and fruits from door to door.

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