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Why Kenyans Borrow Fuliza From Safaricom

The telecommunication company which is called Safaricom has been helping alot of kenyans who don't have money to use. According to the news which was shared on the social media platforms, the borrowing of money in the company has be Increased since the launch of the project. It is indicated that this early Ksh1.2 Billion shillings has been borrowed by Kenyans.

This is a huge amount of money compared to the last year. The reasons why kenyans have been borrowing this money is due to the lack of job which provides them income. Many Kenyans nowadays don't have jobs which leads them to start borrowing money from various companies in the country. The other reason of kenyans borrowing Fuliza money is due to easy to withdraw from mpesa outlet. Many kenyans have been withdrawing this amount of money in any shop which offers the service.Despite that, it is important to have a reason why you borrow a loan so that it can help you in life. Many kenyans have been denied other loans due to late repayment. Remember to wear mask and maintain social distance so that we can overcome this deadly disease called covid-19 in our country.

Content created and supplied by: Miltonbabu9 (via Opera News )

Fuliza Kenyans Ksh1.2 Safaricom


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