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Ripe Banana Business Can Bring You A Good Income In These Two Cities

Most farmers that grow bananas come from the Kisii regions and this is where bananas are found in abundance. The cost of bananas in this region is not expensive because there are many farmers who have invested in this type of agriculture.

If you are a business man and you are willing to invest in selling ripe bananas this is the place you should go and buy bananas. In this region the price of one full bunch of bananas cost roughly 800 shillings.

Buy 20 such bunches of bananas which will add up to a total of 16,000 Shillings. Start a small shop in either Mombasa or Nairobi since this business is Lucrative hire. Pay for a business permit and major only in selling and supplying ripe bananas in the city where you are located.

In Most Areas in Nairobi and Mombasa one single Banana cost 10 shillings. You will not lack customers since this fruit is on high demand in such cities.

After you have opened a small shop keep your bananas there till they get ripe. Bananas takes roughly one week to get ripe and after that period of time you can start selling your bananas.

One bunch of bananas contains almost 100- 150 bananas that is if the bunch is a big one and if the bunch is small it can contain roughly 70 to 100 bananas.

If one banana is 10 shillings let's assume that you sell all your 20 bunches of which each bunch had 130 bananas, then you can make 26,000 shillings on selling all your bananas.

What is expensive is transporting these bananas from Kisii to either Mombasa or Nairobi. This can cost you roughly 2,000 shillings for you to transport them from kiss to your small shop in Nairobi.

To avoid getting loses ensure you transport your bananas when they are not ripe.

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