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Farmers Are Reaping Gold From Selling Rabbit Urine

Gone are the days when rabbits used to be reared as pets, especially by young boys who were still learning their way around the farm. Nowadays, apart from rearing rabbits for their high value meat, a large number of farmers sell rabbit waste for a good cash. They earn over Ksh.20,000 per week.

Edwin Mukay from Kakamega and Charles from Vihiga are some of the many farmers who are reaping gold from the benefits of selling rabbit wastes.

Edwin, a rabbit keeper, stated that he traps urine through a wire-mesh, then the wastes flows through iron sheets below the rabbit structure.

He commented that he has a trough at the end of the iron sheets below the structure. He charges Ksh.100 per litre at the moment, and he can collect 20 litres using his jerrycans, earning him Ksh.2000 a day.

Charles used to sell rabbit meat before learning that the urine and droppings were also marketable as organic manure. “I harvest 150 litres of rabbit urine per week for production of organic fertilizer, translates to an average of Sh30,000 per week”, he said, noting that one litre of the urine retails at Sh250.

The rabbit urine is an organic pesticide that repels insects pests such as mites, aphids because of the pungent smell.

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Charles Edwin Mukay Kakamega


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