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An Investment Idea In Nairobi, Kenya

One would be forgiven for thinking that getting wealthy is a huge flex. Getting wealthy in Nairobi is quite easy, all you need to do is align yourself with the right people. Then develop several strategies to bring you money. Have three, four or even five side sources of income.

Once you have as much as 100k in your savings then the following ideas might just be what you're looking for.

Two 'Nduthis'

No need to start life with the best of the best. With as little as a hundred thousand shillings you're good to go. You can comfortably manage to buy two motorcycles in second hand condition.

All you need is a good mechanic when going to do the purchase so that you get your moneys worth. motorcycle in Kenya especially in busy estates of Nairobi is capable of generating as much as one hundred and twenty thousand shillings (sh. 120,000) a month.

The math being that the motorcycle kick starts at 4 a.m with a competent rider. For distances of over 15km one is likely to be charged an average of sh. 200 or sh.250 that makes it only 20 trips and you're sure you have attained your target of the day.

With four thousand shillings a day you can comfortably repay your loan assuming you didn't have capital for this investment. A month and a half is enough to fully pay the loan for this project.

Share with me what you think and whether it is feasible enough for your life.

Also remember that I mentioned that to venture into this one needs a competent and trustworthy rider for two reasons. He Should be willing to work for the long hours and you as the owner should be willing to compensate him for that with a good pay.

He needs to be trustworthy so as not to pocket your income since you're never present when he receives the payment.

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