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Bad News to All Kenyans as The New Prices of Sugar, Cooking Oil, Bread Are Finally Unveiled

Photo courtesy of packed cooking oil, I Kg of Kabras Sugar and 400g of Broadways bread.

Kenyans have been dealt a huge blow following the sudden increase in the prices of pivotal food commodities amongst them being sugar, cooking oil and bread.

According to a Sunday publication of the Daily Nation, Kenyans will now have to dip deeper into the pockets in a solemn quest to put 1 Litre of cooking oil, 400g of bread and I Kilogram of sugar on the table.

The current market prices of these three pivotal food products are as follows: I Litre of Cooking oil is been sold at Ksh 336, I Kilogram net of sugar is priced as Ksh 138 while 400 Grams of bread will now cost you Ksh 60.

The ongoing Russian war aggression against the sovereign nation of Ukraine is been blamed as the pivotal contributing factor to the surge in the prices of food commodities in the country.

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