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Five Businesses You Can Start With Less Than Ten Thousand Kenyan Shillings

With the current secession and lockdown in some counties in the country, some people have lost their jobs while others have had to shut down their businesses. Making a living is some how difficult for most Kenyan citizens.

However, with technology and the availability of smart phones, one can make a lot of money by running an online business or online businesses if one is up to the hustle that it comes with.

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Most people are worried about the kind of businesses they can start and where to find the capital.

Nevertheless, with as little as ten thousand kenyan shillings, one can start the following businesses;

1. Selling wigs

Wigs are becoming a part of life for most women. They are cheap and thus one can easily have more than two. Thus, getting the market won't be that difficult.

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2. Instagram advertising

Insta stories have become a business now days and everyone is trying to get as much followers as possible to make it easier to reach to a higher number of clients. One can charge from as little as five hundred kenyan shilling per story posted.

3. Selling clothes and jewellery

This is a business you can start any time and day provided you feel ready to reach out to people to buy your products. This is because these are products that we use on our day to day lives.

4. Making liquid soaps

Since many people are opting for a more organic lifestyle, liquid detergents are a way of life. You can make them at the comfort of your home and use your social media accounts to seek for clients.

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5. Candle business

Scented candles have a high market and making them is quite easy. The process of making them is quite easy, You-tube has a lot of videos on the same.

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Managing the above businesses is quite easy and one can just do them on a part-time basis.

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