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School Of Billionaires And Most Expensive School In The World. See Structures And Annual Fees

Education is one of the most important gifts parents can ever give to their children and it is Infact of more worth than any other material possessions parents can give to children.

The former President of South Africa the late Nelson Mandela said that education is the only thing that can make the son of a rich man and that of a poor man sit at the same table. With that in mind, parents ought to do their best to ensure their children get the best when it comes to education no matter the cost.We have very many institutions around the world that offer the best when it comes to educational facilities. In today's article, we are going to look at one of this schools considered to be the most expensive school in the world.

The name of the school is called, Institute le Rossey. The school has what is considered the best facilities including two campuses which are located in different locations.The school has the summer campus which has been in existence since the 14th Century and the winter campus found in ski resort of gstaad.

The entire school population consists of 400 students and a total of 150 teachers making the ration of student to teachers very fair. The school which is found in Switzerland is believed to belong to a certain class of people since not everyone can afford it.Many prominent people including kings and sons of kings have passed through the school including, King farouk of Egypt and many others making it a school that only billionaires can afford.

When it comes to the annual school fees, it totals to $ 87000. The school has the most beautiful structures any school could ever have in the world and even boast of taking its students to world class universities.

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