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Businesses that can make you rich in one year.

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You are entrepreneur,investor or beginners of businesses,the article is for you.Most people don't succeed in business as they go to the common one that have got alot of the competition.To succeed in business in Kenya requires strong market research and commitment,you can get capital through lending companies and banks or from you friends or relatives.Below are some of the business that you can start and make millions of money within one year.

1.Computers accessories

Almost every institution, business, government offices and students have laptops or desktop, therefore starting computers accessories is one of the best niche that you can start now will require at least Kes 500,000 to start small computers accessories,also you need to employ trained personal to handle and repair the damaged computers.

Locate you business near big towns where there is alot of demand or you can locate you business near Universities where students requires use of computers for typing.One computers can cost Kes 50,000 and small can cost upto Kes 15,000.This business can make upto Kes 100,000 net profit monthly. accessories.

Most people have phones and they usually get damages therefore they require to purchase another one.Starting phones accessories is one of the best idea that you can start 2022.With only Kes 100,000 you can start profitable phones accessories business.Locate your business near towns for easier access of the phones by the customers,make good layout for your business so that customers can easily sport.This business can make upto 50k monthly.

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