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KPLC Announces a Very Long Electricity Blackout on Thursday 21, October Within the Listed area Below

Kenya Power Lightening Company through their verified twitter handle have announce places that will face a very long electricity blackout tomorrow 21, October so as to give the KPLC personnel s a hamble time in performing the grid maintenance.

Electricity is a key factor in running the Countries economy forward as it act as a prime mover by ensuring the appliances that consume electricity, function properly to their level best.

Electricity blackout is a major challenge to especially big companies that utilize electricity as a prime mover since it is challenging and costy to use petroleum in running a huge motors in company for instance simba cement.

This schedule of power interruption are mainly caused by minor challenge like: Falling of Electricity Pole, Faulty Transformers, or any other kind of system that is not working properly. KPLC for over years have been known for power distribution and interrupting electricity for a specific aim.

KenGen Kenya as it generate power from different power plants, the body ensures power reachs to the other end at its full capacity so as to meet customers expectations, this is done by stepping up the generated electricity up to around 132 Kilo Volts for smooth transmission.

This transmission from generating station to the receiving station and to huge companies that uses electricity that is beyond 10 Kilo Volts is quite easily done by KETRACO which was founded with the aim supplying power that involves high voltage.

Electricity that is being utilized in each household must have been connected by Kenya Power Lightening Company which was founded with only two purposes, first it was tasked to distribute power from sub stations to the residents across the nation.

Kenya Power Lightening Company was also tasked to conduct the national grid system maintenance so as to improve on the performance of the electricity connections around the nation in order to minimize the risk and hazards asociated with electricity.

Rural Electrification Authority and Energy Corps is an organization that was founded within the energy sector so as to help KPLC to to reach local residents deep down in valleges and connect them to the power lines.

Kenya Government comes a time they face energy crisis especially power crisis and they opt to sign a deal with different bodies that generates electricity with the aim of selling it to KPLC when such moment calls.

This bodies are referred to as Independent Power Producers where they generate electricity on their own that may even use to run their business but whenever a need arise they opt to sell the power for extra income.

Kenya Power being given responsibility of maintaining the national grid system, has this evening announce a very long electricity blackout on the listed area below.

This evening, in your own opinion, how would you rate the energy sector especially the power sector, are the bodies assigned to perform their duties do them correctly?, leave a comment on the comment section below by expressing your thoughts.

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