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The Table TheoryOn Income Generation

Having an income is very important as one is able to pay his bills and provide for himself.

As one grows the responsibilities also grow. This is because people change with age. As one grows older he thinks of improving his life in many ways like starting a family, advancing his education and many more others.

These all bring responsibility which one must use his income to full fill it. In this case one is encouraged to plan his income properly in order to be successful in his activities.

Here is where the table theory on income generation comes in.

The above diagram explains fully on the importance of having many stream of income.

In conclusion.

One should not depend on one stream of income as when it collapses one is not able to pay his bills thus one will be stressed.

In the contrary one should work hard to be able to have multiple streams of income. This is because if one stream fails, one will still be able to pay his bills without any problem as he has many streams of income.

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