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Mistakes To Avoid In Goat Farming To Get More Profit

There are some mistakes you need to avoid in goat farming to get more profit.Here are some of the mistakes to avoid in goat farming to increase profit.

1.Do not overcrowd goats in a small area.Stock only correct number of goats according to the size of the house.This helps to control spread of pests and diseases.Also overcrowding cause fighting of goats and poor air circulation in the house.

2.Avoid feeding goats with poor quality feeds. Provide them with high quality feeds to help them in proper growth and to produce well.Use same type of feed when necessary.If you want to change, change it gradually to avoid stress in goats.

3.Avoid poor hygiene in the house of goats by leaving wastes inside.Clean the house regularly to prevent build up of diseases.Clean wash the walls with water.Do not paint the wall as it cause bad smell.

4.Avoid leaving goats without giving them water.Provide clean drinking water next to the feed to help in cooling body and digestion.When given dry feeds, they should be given water simultaneously.

5.Avoid leaving goats with parasites.Control both internal and external parasite regular.Use appropriate pestcides to control external pests and dewormers to control internal parasites.

6.Never mat high quality produce goat with poor quality produce goat.Met high quality produce goat with high quality produce goat.This leads to low hybrid vigor hence low profit.

7.Never met a goat with its child or a parent.When carrying out inbreeding, there will be no variation, increase chances of getting diseases and low hybrid vigor.

8.Avoid mixing of goats.Do not mix goats together.When big goats mixed with small goats, leads to fight of small goats and when female goats mixed with male goats, leads to unnecessary pregnancies.

9.Avoid dumb conditions in the house.Dumb condition leads to coldness in the house which cause pneumonia.

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