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Good Amount Of Money Supplying Pineapples Can Generate For A Business Person

We all are looking for how we can survive following hard times of Corona pendamic which has left many people jobless. Despite all these we should still be optimistic and develope a good business plan that can bring for a good income at the end of the day.

Imagine sitting back relaxed without engaging in any activity that can make you earn some amount of money. How can life be, it can be absolutely very difficult and complicated. This is because you will even sometimes lack food that you can bring on the table.

To avoid all these difficulties in life the only solid solution can be investing in a business activity. There are a lot of small businesses that one can initiate and earn a good amount of money that can help him move to another step in life. Funds should not be a problem since there are many organizations currently that offers loans to people who are willing to initiate different kind of projects and they lack the funds to do so.

Supplying pineapples is one business activity that can earn someone a lot of money. This is a fruit that is consumed nation wide and therefore if you start Supplying pineapple fruits you will always have marked.

Hospitals buy such fruits in abundance, so when you Initiate this project connect with hospitals in your region since they will provide ready market for you fruits. Also consider fruit vendors and other business people who sell such in open markets. Supply to all these category of people. It can not even take you one day to exhaust all your pineapple.

To invest in this business you need roughly 20,000 shillings to 40,000 shillings. Get to big pineapple farms in Naivasha and buy a good number of pineapples at a cheaper price per pineapple.

Pineapple cost roughly 50 to 200 shillings depending with the size and sometimes the price may depend with its kgs. The profit you will make will depend with the sales you make everyday as you supply your fruits.

Imagine selling 500 pineapples at an average cost of 200 shillings each you will pocket roughly 100,000 shillings.

Content created and supplied by: AllanJoshua (via Opera News )


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