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Tea Farming In Kenya Is A Profitable Agricultural Project

Tea farming is one of the best farming activities that one can engage in and earn a good amount per kgs of tea leaves sold. The problem with this project is the it can not do well in all parts of Kenya, tea is grown in specific areas with high altitude and the area should also have adequate rainfall.

Such areas where tea is grown in Kenya include some parts of rift valley, Naivasha, Mt Kenya among many other places in Kenya. Therefore this means that people in nyanza region, Mombasa region, North Eastern areas can not initiate such farms in this areas. This is because this areas have inadequate rainfalls and low altitude which will affect the production of tea plants.

In Kenya, Kenyans are allowed by the Constitution that they can own property in any part of Kenya and this is a advantageous. This is because if you want to invest in tea farming and your inhabitant of North Eastern Kenya you can for a region where tea does well. After that if you have money you can buy a small piece of land there or alternatively you can rent a small piece of land like 6 hectares and start you project.

With tea plantation you can not lack market ones they are ready for harvest. You will only need to visit companies that deals with tea processing, that is tea leaves processing industries in Kenya and sell to them.

Though the price of tea leaves per kgs is not constant since it keeps on changing from time to time but you can make something good from it.

Currently the price of per kgs of tea leaves is roughly 215.77 shillings and with something like 6 hectares of tea plantation you can harvest roughly 100 kgs in a month. This will give you a total of 21,577 shillings per month.

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