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African Company Using Human Wastes From Toilets To Make animal feed & fertiliser

Sanergy firm is an industry located about 43km southeast of Nairobi. The firm converts human and other organic waste into insect-based animal protein and organic fertiliser.

Approximately, 200 tonnes of organic waste arrive in this factory everyday. The organic waste is made up of a mixture of human wastes collected from different toilets in the city and green wastes from markets, hotels and restaurants. Some wastes are also from fruit and vegetable processing factories in the Nairobi metropolitan area.

The organic waste is first mixed and shredded to make it even for processing. It’s then loaded onto 50-metre racks using a special pulley system. The company then uses black soldier flies (BSF) technology to break down the organic waste. The larvae on the BSF are fed on the solid waste for about two weeks. They extract nutrients from the waste for their growth while breaking them down in the process. At the end of the period, they would have broken all the wastes leaving only what looks like black earth. These remains are the ones used to manufacture organic fertilisers while the rest are used to make briquettes.

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