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The Amount You Need To Start A Money Transfer Business

Money transfer business is a major business that currently you can engage in and make a good profit income.

Currently in Kenya there are two major companies that offer business men Chances to invest with them and get a good income at the end of the month.

These two companies are Safaricom and Airtel. Airtel offer Airtel money services while safaricom has an M-pesa program.

If you are an individual looking forward to invest in either M-pesa business or Airtel money services you can roughly prepare at least 100,000 shillings.

Currently to start an M-pesa shop you must have a valid business permit which will allow Carry on with your business activities. This can cost you roughly 2,500 shillings in order to get such a permit.

For your M-pesa to read your name for example 'Allan fixed agencies opposite Kisumu highway ' you must have a certificate of a good conduct, Id among many other valid documents.

The good thing with this business is that you can start it alongside any business. If you either have a wholesale, bookshop, retail shop or any other type of business then you can also operate M-pesa in the same shop.

With total population of Kenya of almost 40 million people roughly 30 million individuals have either safaricom or Airtel line, therefore this means that if you open such business in any place in Kenya you won't lack customers.

With money transfer shop make sure you operate both M-pesa and Airtel money since this will improve on the commission you earn.

Let's assume that in one single month you can make roughly 15,000 shillings commission with M-pesa and 7,000 shillings with Airtel money. This adds up to 22,000 shillings commission in a month.

If you run all these two business at the same time you can roughly make a commission of 100,000 shillings within 5 Months.

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