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KPLC Anounces a Long Electricity Blackout On Monday October 18, Check If You Will Be Affected

Kenya Power and Lighting Company, commonly referred to as Kenya Power or KPLC, is a public liability company which transmits, distributes and retails electricity to customers throughout Kenya

Due to high demand for the power services, the Kenya power and lighting company does several installation of power in various areas and also the maintenance of supply to customers.

This sometimes causes other areas to experience a long electricity blackout to many of the customers who are near the maintainance line and therefore, KPLC have the mandate to give an early alert over the blackout so that the customers get to be aware in advance.

Several areas are under the schedule of Monday October 18 long electricity blackoutlong electricity as per the KPLC announcement.

Machakos, Kisii and Meru are among the counties which are under the scheduled power Interruption on October 18 where among the areas are Katelembo, Nyamache and Kainginyo respectively among other many areas.

Please check if your area will be experiencing this scheduled power interruption.

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