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3 Best Types Of Bull Cows A Farmer Should Give Priority When He Wants To Buy A Bull Calf

Bull keeping is also another good agricultural practice a farmer can engage in and make a good profit after a short period of time, this can be between 3 to 4 years. It takes roughly 4 years for a bull calf to mature and reach a good stage at which you can make a good amount when you sell your bull.

To Start this agricultural activity you need roughly like 250,000 thousand shillings. You will use this amount to construct a house, buy something like 10 bull calves, animal feeds, build water points for your cattles among many other things that may vital and that a farmer may need.

Each bull calf can cost roughly 10,000 shillings to 15,000 shillings and this depends with the age of the calf you want to buy. Therefore with 200,000 thousand you can buy something like 20 calves.

Managing bulls is not a hectic task like managing dairy cattle. You only need to supply them with sufficient feeds like fodder among other feeds and constantly invite a vetenary to check their health.

After you have kept your bull and you are sure that if you sell one you can get amount that doubles it marked price then you can sell it and buy another one at a cheaper price. By doing this you will continue making profits and you will end up appreciating this type of farming.

There are three best types of bull cows you can rear as a farmer this is because they mature first and are resistant to some of animal diseases. These include, Borana, Sahiwal ( and its crosses) and Fleckvieh.

These three types of breed can do well in semi arid areas in Kenya and you can buy them in one of these places in Kenya.

Makitosha farm Malindi.

Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Center in Nairobi.

Cowsoko in Nairobi among other places in Kenya.

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