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Best layer to keep in kenya

For a farmer to earn more profit on a poultry farm you must choose the best breed of chicken to keep. The best chicken to keep in Kenya is Kari improved Kienyeji chicken.

This breed of chicken has a lot of advantages hence suitable to be kept for commercial farming. Some of the advantages include the following ;

It has a high level of disease resistance. This enables the Kari chicken breed to keep in all environmental conditions with a lot of ease.

Secondly, Karia improved Chicken lays larger size of eggs and for along period. This enables the farmer to stay relevant to the market demand.

Moreover, this breed of chicken consumes little amount of feed. This is a great advantage to farmers as the cost of production is lowered.

In addition to that, it has a faster growth rate and they are most likely to start laying at the 5th month of age.

Finally, Karia Improved Kienyeji chickens are dual-purpose chickens they perfectly have higher demand in the Market as broilers due to their larger body size.

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