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Livestock House Construction Is A very Lucrative Field

Individuals are blessed with different skills and abilities, not every person can do what you can do. Therefore if you have unique skills or artistic skills and you are good in that field here is one business idea you should start.

Livestock house construction is a very lucrative business and you can get good income from it. The skill of construction you can learn from somebody and it is not a must that you have to be a good artist to start this project. You can just work with an individual who is best in this field and learn from him.

Currently there are alot of people who are looking forward to venture into different agricultural activities like livestock keeping, poultry rearing among many other activities. Farmers are very unique people and they would prefer hiring an expert who can design and build for them where there livestocks or poultry will spend time.

To Start a livestock house construction business project you only need at least 2,000 shillings which you will use for transport from you place to where you been called to work at, you will use this to buy some simple carpenter tools like harmer, saw, overall among many other items that you may need when constructing livestock house for a farmer.

With this kind of project you just need to do a good job and you will get referred to many farmers as possible. You can even end up working throughout the year not in one specific region but all around Kenya.

You will need at least two other people who will help you during construction and the salary will depend with the size and the design of the livestock house the farmer want you to build of his livestock.

With this kind of project you can roughly be payed 10,000 to 40,000 thousand per house.

Content created and supplied by: AllanJoshua (via Opera News )


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