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Government Announces The Prices Of Petrol, Diesel And Kerosene For The Next One Month

For the last one year, Kenyans have been spending alot of money to purchase fuel. The high prices is owing to the covid-19 pandemic which lead to the fuel crisis in the world. Now, today, reports have emerged that the fuel prices for the next one month has been announced.

As reported by the NTV News, the fuel pricing body have announced that the prices of diesel, petrol and Kerosene will remain unchanged. This means that Petrol will be retailed at shs 177.30 while diesel and kerosene will be sold at shs 162.00 and 144.94 per litre. These prices will be effective upto 14th february.

"Fuels Prices Unchanged. Maximum fuel prices at the pump will remain unchanged for the next 1 month, from 15 January to 14 February 2023." Said the reports. The high fuel prices has been felt in various ways. The first one is the increase in prices of other commodities. The second one is the increase in transport and production cost.

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