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The Revealed Secret Why You Should Live In Slums/Ghetto If You Are Earning Below Ksh 20k monthly

‍‍‍‍‍‍Most people think the ghetto is a bad place to live because of insecurity, unattractive buildings, and other concerns, but let me give you some reasons why you should live in the ghetto if your salary is under $15,000.

Everyone wants a good life, right? And when I say good life, I do not mean living a life that you do not want, which is usually due to a lack of clams. The majority of people hurry to leave in estates where the lowest rent is Ksh 5k, but that is not the issue; the problem is that some do so without planning and wind up broke and suffering.

The reason you should spend at least 6 months in the ghetto, counting from the first month of your income, is that living is inexpensive and accessible there. Before you move to your ideal estate, you can save and invest in some small enterprises to boost your monthly income. The cheapest rent in the ghetto is roughly Ksh 1k, which is sufficient for a single person. Food is also inexpensive, and if you plan ahead, you may get by on as little as 2k Kenyan shillings a month.

When compared to estates where you can have a bedsitter for Ksh 5k per month, your monthly budget could be less than Ksh 4k.

The only issue in the ghetto may be the lack of Wifi, which can be difficult for individuals who work online, but this is no longer the case because there are networks that offer good data at an inexpensive price, such as the Faiba network, which is extremely pleasant.

Also, as city tycoons put it, "Ukitaka kuomoka, achana na mbogi." This is completely accurate because the crew may push you to do things that will leave your pocket as dry as exhaust, preventing you from saving and carrying out your profitable plans.

"Kuomoka ni rahisi," the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda just be smart and know what you are after because dreams without goals are like parallel lines.

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