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How Youths Get Scammed Online

Many youths across the global hate to work hard to achieve their dreams,instead they want easy money. The following are the main tricks in which youths loose their money online


A number of websites and pages have been seen advertising their services online. Many people have fallen into this scam where they are advised to pay some amount so that they be given sure bets online. Others are convinced that there are fixed games that once you pay for ,then you receive sure bets. Many have tried this but end up into scams. NO FIXED GAMES! BE WARNED.

2).Online job

Scammers have taken it to the next level as they promise those who are desperate for easy money wealth. They promise you heaven but once you get convinced, you end up getting scammed. WORK HARD.

3).joining Illuminati

A lot of posts have been witnessed online advertising of joining Illuminati. Illuminati is an elicit organization that was founded in late 19s who were against Christ. Today,people play with the name of Illuminati ,promising people wealth,good houses and cars. Illuminati exits but don't fall into online scam .They ask you to pay for the registration but later scam you. People have confirmed it on social media that Master Henry Hassan has been helping many to join the secret organization. Master Henry Hassan is legit but LETS SAY NO TO CULTISM!

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