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Three Differences Between Miraa and Muguka, Let Us Learn

There has great confusion between muguka and miraa, some people mostly confuse the two.Today we are going to look at major differences between the two majorly consumed products.

No.1.Region where the products are grown

Miraa is majorly grown in Meru County specifically Igembe region, they produce high quality product.Miraa is the major source of income to Igembe residents.

Muguka on the other hand is grown mostly in Embu County, mbeere.

No.2.Mode of Transport and Appearance

Miraa is made of twigs which are plucked from miraa tree,prepared and graded into different qualities.It is very classy and very expensive to buy.It majorly prepared in main Markets like Maua, Laare and Muringene, it transported via Road, Air and other means.It is carried from Meru to Nairobi to Mombasa by use of well serviced and swiftly driven Landcrushers and Hiluxes.Muguka is made up of leaflets, majorly leaves packed in boxes and transported using proboxes.

No.3.Chewing and Neatness

Miraa is super classy and very costly, not easily affordable hence not chewed by everybody compared to Muguka which everyone can access.Miraa is wrapped neatly while Muguka on the other hand is packed in plastics bags.

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