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Here Is The Actual Meaning Of Tilisi

Have you ever thought of what the name Tilisi stands for? 

I know you have heard of the prestigious current development in the city known as Tilisi. 

With everyone looking for a place to purchase a home, the Tilisi developers has mesmerized many people and investors when they came up with a development that has all in one, that's town houses, apartments, industrial area, commercial area and a city within the development.

What's many didn't know is the actual meaning of the name Tilisi. 

The development is along Nairobi Nakuru highway just few metres from Limuru town. 

With it's location, the developer came up with the name that considered it's neighborhood. 

During the Ntv property show, a sales executive answered the question about the name and he said that the name factored in the areas surrounding the project. He said the Ti- stood for Tigoni, Li - stood for Limuru and Si stood for Sigona hence the name Tilisi.

Now you know.

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