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Just in: Good News to Kenyans as Gov't Makes Major Move to Reduce Maize Prices

The country's strategic food reserve at the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) has been depleted, and the majority of farmers have depleted their inventories in response to recent market price increases.

Now,a two-kilogram can of maize costs between shs 180 and shs 200, and a 90-kilogram bag costs between shs 6,000 to 6500.

And now according to reports,the government has now remove all taxes that were being charged on maize imports. This is a plan to import maize to cut off the prices of maize that has been increasing.

"A month after removing maize import duties, the government is now abolishing all taxes (on maize imports) beginning July 1, 2022. Move follows a 2kg bag of flour surpassing the Kes 200 threshold," the report reads

According to reports, the majority of small-scale millers have shut down, while large millers have limited stock that will take them a few days, a scenario that might result in a maize flour scarcity and a steep increase in prices, which forced the government to intervene.

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