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"China Square Under Fire" -Contemplates Closure Amidst Uproar From Competitors

Is China Square Supermarket a victim of its own success, or is it just another ruthless Chinese takeover? That’s the question on the minds of Kenyans as the controversial retailer remains closed, leaving its customers high and dry.

Located in the bustling Unicity Mall, China Square Supermarket had been the talk of the town with its low-priced goods, drawing in hordes of shoppers eager to snag a bargain. But its success has come at a cost, with local business owners crying foul over unfair competition and threatening to hold a demonstration.

However, it seems that the storm has not yet subsided, as China Square is still mulling over whether to open its doors to the public or remain closed indefinitely. The supermarket, which is situated at the Unicity Mall, has released a press statement in which it cites public safety concerns, a shortage of tins, and misleading statements from customers as the main reasons for its continued closure.

In the statement, the management of China Square expressed their regret over the inconvenience caused to their loyal customers but emphasized that the safety and satisfaction of their patrons remain their top priority. To that end, they have put measures in place to handle the high volume of traffic and have arranged for additional security guards to ensure the public’s safety.

The supermarket has also acknowledged the long queues that have caused customers distress and promised to work on resolving these issues within the closing period. They, however, took issue with some misleading statements from customers on the internet, which they say have created unrealistic expectations of their services.

For now, the supermarket remains closed, leaving its customers wondering when, or if, they will ever be able to shop there again. In the meantime, the debate over Chinese-owned businesses and their impact on local economies rages on, with no easy answers in sight.

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