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How Land Cartels Operate In Kenya

Land cartels in Kenya involve the corrupt businessmen and government officials present in the Ministry of Lands especially in Nairobi county. These people have mastered the art of taking advantage of unsuspecting land owners to 'own' their lands. Majority of the victims include the Asian and Indian communities who inherited leased lands from their forefathers. This kind of arrangement is easier for cartels to repossess the land.

The first step for these land cartels is identifying the vulnerable owners, predominantly the old Asian communities in Westlands and Parklands areas of Nairobi. They know that they land they leased is almost expiring and will use all available links in the ministry to get this information. Kenyan law stipulates that property ceases to become personal property once the lease time is expired. After this period, any one can claim the land as they do the cartels.

Through newspapers and public notices, the cartels place this lands under sale. As such, they invite interested parties to view the property in an attempt to 'resell' the land whose lease time has expired. This tactics usually work since most of these vulnerable victims rarely read newspapers and notices.

The next process entails a collaboration between the crooked business people who advertise these properties with the government officials. The cartels will pay a conveyance charge usually between Ksh1250 -5000 to these officials to finalize their ownership. Interestingly, for a property worth millions, they have acquired it with only less than Ksh5000. Since these properties are always associated with legal battles, cartels ensure that they have sold it within small period of time. This will ensure that when court battles arises, only the vulnerable owners and the new buyers battle in court while the cartels have escaped with huge sums of money. This method of grabbing land has been used severally in Nairobi area for properties valued at nearly Ksh1 billion.

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