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Business Idea To Earn You More Than Ksh 2000 per Day

There is a high demand for job opportunities in the world and in Kenya to be specific. With the high rate of unemployment facing many people in Kenya, many of Kenya youth's who most of them are well educated with good qualifications are being forced to venture in business activities to earn a living. This has been the trend since there are a lot of many graduands who graduate with certificates, diplomas, degrees and PHDs in the Country.

There are many businesses opportunities which one can commence to earn some money at the end of the day, many of the businesses opportunities do not require any experience nor education qualifications like most of the white collar jobs which are not available in plenty. Today am going to specifically talk about buying and reselling roasted and boiled maize in Kenya.

According to Mr Eddie, one of the maize seller who have specialized in selling both boiled and roasted maize in a road side along Jogoo road in Nairobi, Kenya. You only need between Ksh 1000 to Ksh 1500 to commence this kind of business. According to Mr Eddie, he left his job of tailoring after realizing there was a stiff competition in the market and he could not earn good cash at the end of the day.

A cost of maize is usually between Ksh 7 to Ksh 10.After doing the roasting, they usually sell the roasted maize at Ksh 20 making a profit of about Ksh 10 for every maize sold. In a busy place like in bus parks, they usually sell many roasted maize, approximately 250.This making individual sellers to make more than Ksh 2000 per day. It's a good business idea which you can major on.

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