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How To Make Easy Money From Timber Selling Business In Kenya

Selling timber is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya today due to the increased demand for timber users in the construction and furniture industries.

Bofore you start thos business, first write a comprehensive business plan that will form the foundation of your business.

A plan of activities will also give you a clear picture of the profits you are targeting.

Just like any other business, their is a ready market and a high demand for timber due to the rapid growth of the construction industry, the level of competition in this business is equally high in Kenya.

For the starters you need to come up with strategies that will facilitate the growth of the business.

The entrepreneur should come up with measures to prevent the competition, market the business and facilitate business expansion around the area where you have established.

If you want to get big profits then you should consider, to locate your shop in a strategic place that is accessible to customers.

For example it should be located near a busy road, and the area should be accessible to motorists to facilitate transportation in and out of the business premises.

The only factor you should reduce is to minimise expences since, the main aim of business is to make profits and cut on costs since business costs will determine its profitability.

To get better profits its advisable yo practice proper management which will ensure good management and control of the business to prevent no loopholes for fund and asset embezzlement by the employees.

Good management also facilitates smooth running of the firm and increases the level of sales.

In conclusion, to succeed in the timber sale business, you need to source good quality timber and have reliable suppliers. You should set aside enough budget to cater for the purchase of timber, saw-milling, labour, transport.

Thanks for your time and I hope this information will help you to make money easily.


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